Moais are groups of 5-8 people that meet over ten weeks to walk or potluck together and socialize. Sign up to join or start a Moai at


Moai® (pronounced "Mo Eye") Walking and Potluck groups are groups of 5-8 people that meet at least once a week to walk or potluck together throughout the community. The small size of the groups allows the members to focus on building strong friendships—and those social connections are as vital to well-being as the exercise and healthy eating!

The word "moai" comes from Okinawa, Japan and means "meeting for a common purpose." In Okinawa, neighbors use moais as support systems to help those in need.

Based on this tradition, Moais provide social interaction and support that are just as important to a person’s overall well-being as the benefits of walking.


Where did the idea of a Moai stem from?

Moai is a term from Okinawa Japan which roughly means "meeting for a common purpose." It originated as a way for a village to support other village members financially, a way to pool money locally to take care of an emergency or help someone purchase a parcel of land. Today the idea has expanded to become more of a social support network, a ritualized vehicle for companionship outside the family support system.

How do I pronounce Moai?

"Mo Eye"

How does a Moai work?

1. Recruit 5 to 8 people and identify a Team Leader to register your group at 2. Attend a Moai Launch to kick off the 10-week program. Check for a list of our quarterly launches. 3. Meet with your Moai at least five times during the course of ten weeks for Potluck or ten times for Walking. 4. Track your progress to enter to win prizes. 5. Gather with your Moai for a 10-week Victory Celebration to commemorate this milestone.

Can we have people join our team after the Launch?

Yes. People can register up to one week after the Launch date. The ideal sized group is five. If your group is so popular it gets larger than 9, consider dividing up into two teams. Your team may be asked to include an additional team member who is looking to join a team and meet new people. If new members join your team, have them register at using the Team Leader's email address.

Who can win prizes?

Teams made up of people who live or work in the Blue Zones Communities® who are engaged throughout the 10 weeks by submitting weekly metrics.

Can I join more than one Moai team?

Absolutely. You may want to be part of a Moai at work, home and/or school.

I don’t have a team. How can I register?

You can register as an individual at We will help you find a team to join at the Moai Launch event. If you are not able to attend the launch event, you can find like-minded individuals also looking for a team at

Find more information and sign up for upcoming Fort Worth Moai launches at