Help make a positive difference in your community while experiencing the rewarding feeling of helping others. Volunteer with the Blue Zones Project® or another organization in your community today!


People living in the original Blue Zones® areas have reasons why they wake up each morning. Volunteering gives you a chance to lead a more meaningful life by donating your time, expertise and effort to help a worthy cause. Every time you volunteer, you'll be making your community better and contributing to local causes that reinforce your sense of life purpose.


Aside from the emotional benefits of volunteering, there are significant health benefits associated with giving your time. Studies have noted lower rates of cancer and heart disease as well as reduced healthcare costs among people who volunteer regularly. It seems that volunteers gain as much as they give.


Who can volunteer with the Blue Zones Project?

Anyone can volunteer! If you're under the age of 16, your parents will need to be present. If you're between the ages of 16 and 18, you'll need to have your parents' permission. Some volunteer positions (such as Walking School Bus) will require a background check and drug screening.

What types of volunteer positions are available?

Many positions are available and our needs are always changing. Please visit our volunteer page and open the volunteering form to see available opportunities. If you don't see a position that suits you, we'll match your gifts and skills to a better position for you.

How do I get started?

Please see our available volunteer positions and fill out the volunteer application. Specific and detailed information is appreciated.

What types of volunteers does the Blue Zones Project need most?

Our volunteer program is year-round and our needs are always changing, so check our available volunteer positions often. We can always use event volunteers to assist at local events or as ambassadors to help spread the word about the Blue Zones Project.

Is there a specific time commitment when volunteering with the Blue Zones Project?

While we do have one-time event volunteer positions, we ask volunteers to commit to a minimum of two hours per week for at least six months, depending on the position.

Are volunteers subject to background checks?

Yes, some of our volunteer positions do require background checks.

Are internships available?

Yes. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at janell.pollard@healthways.com for more information on how to apply for an internship with the Blue Zones Project.

I need to complete community service hours for school. Can I do that through the Blue Zones Project?

Yes. We have plenty of opportunities to complete your community service hours.

Do volunteers select their assignments?

Yes, for the most part. You can apply for more than one position at a time, so we may pick and choose where you'll fit best and what the Blue Zones Project specifically needs during that time.

Click here to complete the volunteer application.

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer with Blue Zones Project that will help you improve the health and well-being of your community. Click here for upcoming volunteer opportunities.