Purpose Workshop

People with purpose live longer, are happier and more productive. Are you making a difference where you live and work? Each person has an individual set of strengths and talents that can be used to lead a truly meaningful life. Whatever your role within your community, begin adding years to your life and life to your years.


You’ll have the opportunity to discover or re-discover your gifts and talents, learn how to navigate through life’s transitions, and improve your well-being by living your purpose.

Begin your purpose journey and attend a free two-hour facilitated Power of Purpose Workshop today.


Why does “purpose” matter?

Knowing and using your gifts and strengths is called "living with purpose" or "doing one’s life work."” People who have "purpose," or a sense of their gifts and strengths—and use them daily—have increased well-being and tend to live about seven years longer than those who do not. One of the goals of the Blue Zones Project® is to help people discover a clear definition of their gifts or deepen their sense of purpose. Then, we hope to help people use their gifts more, through either existing outlets in their life (work, volunteering) or through new outlets where they are needed. For many people, volunteering is a preferred outlet to deepen one’s purpose.

How do I get involved?

Blue Zones Project will host Purpose Workshops. Registration for the workshops will be available on our website as the launch date gets closer. You can also register on the website if you want to get involved as a volunteer for the Purpose Workshops.