Cooking Class

When healthy food tastes great, better food choices are irresistible. Sign up for Blue Zones Project® Cooking Classes to learn how to prepare great-tasting, plant-based recipes!


In a Blue Zones Project plant-based cooking class, you will meet other people interested in changing their eating habits and becoming healthier. Social networks have a profound effect on our behaviors. A social network established with the goal of making healthier choices will reinforce good behaviors and will lead to long-term health benefits. Through classes like these, you will meet new friends and begin to build a social network that encourages healthy choices.


In Blue Zones areas around the world, people eat less meat and more vegetables, beans and legumes. These foods are healthier than meats because they are less calorie-dense and contain less fat and sodium. While meat is not completely absent from the recipes, the Blue Zones Project focuses on using beans and legumes as main sources of protein.

Blue Zones Cooking Classes teach you how to make healthy food that tastes great so that you’re more likely to eat it!


What is a Blue Zones Project® Cooking Class?

A Blue Zones Project® Cooking Class is a cooking class that teaches members of the community skills they need to prepare fresh, healthy meals using fruits, beans and vegetables. It's also a great way to bring individuals together and build relationships around the common interest of food and cooking.

How do I sign up for a Blue Zones Project® Cooking Class?

We will have links to our cooking class partners on our website. You can also email us at

Is there a cost for the class?

A cost will be associated with most classes. The cost structure is set by the cooking school or instructor, and all fees will be paid directly to them. The Blue Zones Project® does not benefit financially.

Can I organize or hold a cooking class in my home or facility?

We welcome licensed/insured groups and/or instructors to hold Blue Zones Project® Cooking Classes. All classes with the Blue Zones Project® name must be approved by the Blue Zones Project®. If you are interested in organizing a class or teaching a class, please email us at

Why are the Blue Zones Project® Cooking Classes only plant-based?

Centenarians from the Blue Zones® areas eat at least two servings of vegetables at each meal, often including beans and legumes, and consume limited quantities of meat. This is consistent with the USDA's MyPlate recommendations to make fruits, vegetables and grains the majority of your intake. By offering cooking classes that emphasize the use of fresh produce and that limit the use of meats, community members will learn how to model the eating habits of the world's healthiest and longest living individuals. Participants will experience the personal health benefits of eating a more healthy diet and discover recipes that, when eaten regularly, can add years to their life.